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trying to make up for my absence on here! i have so many beautiful faces and families still to share with you 🙂 here is another family that i am totally in awe of. i feel so honored to know them and more so to be able to capture so many of their family memories for them. i immediatly fell for the sweet mama of this clan, she is endearing and pure and is always always smiling!! she pours out sweet joy! she makes me want to be a better person, so you can just imagine how sweet her amazing children are! i took the two older girls and we had fun on bikes and lil trails, you know big girl stuff! Vactioning in Seaside, Fl just isnt the same without bikes, you can bike everywhere, its sooo wonderful. its such a peaceful way to get about, hot but peaceful! There is this amazing bed swing thingy at their beach house, i fell totally in love with shooting there, isnt it devine? i know mama will have a beautiful piece of art on her wall soon of this…sigh…sooo amazing. they were so lucky to have both of their moms come to meet them for part of the vacation so we captured some beautiful images with the two grandmas, which is just priceless! i love these shots on the beach, i think it shows just how serene it was there. after a awesome (but oh my gosh HOT HOT HOT) session, we walked over the Frosty Bites to get some yummy cold snow cones, and of course these arent just any snow cones, the ultimate most refreshing ones you will ever eat……………yum yum yum..

thank you guys for including me in your special week in Seaside….lets go back soon..realllllly soon!!


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