where to start? when i look back at this blog i realize im a pretty bad blogger. i really always have great plans to update it and keep it interesting. i know how disappointing it can be to click on one of your favorite blogs (not that im one of your fave’s but ya know) and then….nope no updates. Same old thing you saw last week. 🙁 bummer….

So i really have the best intentions to keep you all entertained and laughing and provide some beautiful yumminess for your eyes. but alas….i realize it just doesnt work out as i plan.

so just to catch up and let you all know whats going on.

personal…. i have received soo many emails, phone calls, texts sweet cards…everything from many of you. asking how im feeling and whats going on with my health. im so sorry i havnt updated you on that, i so appreciate the prayers, kind words and yummy thoughts. i soooo appreciate them! when i see you all in person my answer will always be…oh im fine, im great..how are you? I like to turn it around on you quickly 🙂 to be honest i feel like im 86 years old and all i talk about is my body, my health or lack of, or blah blah.   🙂   sooo to be truly honest… i have been pretty yuckly. my bladder/kidney issues are still here. they are under control as far as no recent stones (yeah) I have been trying some natural remedies for the bladder disease and they seem to be helping. i am trying to avoid the every 6 month surgery thing we have been doing. Surgery and my body are just kinda done with each other!!  The most recent issue is some sort of nerve issues. I have tests on July 6th that will determine (hopefully) for sure what is going on there. Ill update you then 🙂 So …… yes ill take your prayers…each and everyone of them, but im ok. im great      🙂

im thrilled to be blessed with an amazing hubby that daily tends to my needs and makes sure i have a smile on my face. two teenagers who ..well they are teenagers but they do love me and most days try to make things running smoothly. Phoenix started driving last month…yep…he is 16. How crazy is that. He has a car and is doing great so far but i will tell you..its the hardest parenting i have done so far. everytime he walks out that door i just gasp for air. its so hard to let him go out in this world all alone. i just start praying for God to protect him and bring him home safely!  And when i hear him pull into the gravel driveway I smile and say thank you!!  Molly is 12, all spunk and sass. she reminds me so much of myself…yes scary but i also love that i know she is tough and will take care of herself as well. she continues to play sports, get more muscle tone and i must say…prettier every day.  🙂 mommy goggles, i know. 🙂

we went to the beach in Pawleys Island a few weeks ago, my bff from 5th grade, Aimee, her parents are blessed enough to live right on the beach and invited us all down for a short trip. of course the beach is great anyday but i was most excited to spend a few days with aimee and her babe, Hayden. we only live 15 mins apart but with our busy lives it could be hours. i hate that! i love them dearly and my goal is to spend alot more time with the little Bug. we had a great time, rested, kids played and bonded. Hayden loveesssssssss Molly. really loves her. im totally jealous..totally!! but what a great sight to see her and him play in the water and sand together. just to watch our kids love each other and grow together is pretty awesome. soo grateful!!

we head back to the beach in mid july with the whole crew. cant wait!!

work!!! lots of great things going on at MJP studios. im reminded daily of how grateful i am to do what i do. such a blessing. we have met alot of new clients this year and of course kissed alot of old ones! we are loving our space in downtown Franklin. walking to eat each day, get my daily crack addition of Starbucks and of course shopping galore. we have our own parking and entrance so its so easy to get in and out. clients seem to appreciate that 🙂 if your downtown walking around come see me! you will see our sign in front of  Hearts & Hands store…..we are right above them!   Of course we have been there for about 6 months and im totally ready to redecorate already….horrible side effect i got from my mom!

We have photographed two weddings already this year. YEP..me i photographed two weddings. One of those being my sister, Kelley, she married the sweetest man and I got two new nephews out of it! score one for aunt mandy! it was a beautiful wedding and im so happy for them.  two days later i photographed the wedding of Ashley Williams. she is the sister to kimberly williams paisley. she has been in alot of movies, most recently in Something Borrowed, google her…she is adorable. the wedding was on the farm of the kim and brad paisley and as a favor to them i agreed to shoot the wedding. NO I DONT DO WEDDINGS!! 🙂  it was alot of fun and one of the most authentic weddings i have ever witnessed! i was honored to be there with them.  You can see some of the images on People.com and one of them with kim & brad was in People Magazine. fun stuff.

i have been getting alot of questions about photographing celebrities…they are great. im honored to be trusted and let into their homes. best thing about all of them..they are just mommys and daddys like the rest of us.   soo i have alot of fun capturing them and their babes for them. alot of you have asked about me sharing more images of them all…sorry 🙂 cant.  we have to protect their privacy and those lil babes of theirs. but trust me…the images and the babes are adorable  :0)

really exciting news about MJP~~~~ the lovely assistant that so many of you have come to love as much as i do…miss jenny…yep she is getting fatter and fatter!! 🙂 we will have a new member to the MJP family come December. She is very excited to welcome her lil one this year. Her son Jake…well we will see how excited he is. but if you see Jenny give her a big ole hug  (if you can wrap your arms around her lovely yummy belly) HAHA. totally joking..she is still tiny as ever but she is growing a lil person. YEAH!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as far as sessions go….we are booked through the end of July and are already booking for all of the remainder of 2011. now if you were one of the 20 or so people we had to turn away last year due to booking up for fall….dont do it again!!! we highly recommend you booking your session now.  here in the photography world…fall is crazy season! we book alot of family sessions, kids alone and then that turns into hundreds of beautiful christmas cards…lots and lots of beautiful prints wrapped up for family…lots of geooorgeouus albums laying around homes for people to ooh & awe over at holiday parties….SOOO

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we also LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE those of you that go ahead and order your christmas cards now!! we have alot of new cards this year, super excited about them all. So if you want to use a image from your summer session go ahead and get those cards marked off your to do list…way before you even make that list!  🙂

we have had many calls asking about fall mini sessions…as of right now we are not planning one. now that could change but as of now we will just be offering full custom sessions.  if we change our minds…which i do sometimes… we will update you on that!

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SOO if your still reading..wow your a trooper! thank you for still checking in our lonely blog. i will try to do better. 🙂 thanks for your prayers and your love. i really love you all too!!!!!!!!!!!!



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