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love & family.

they are two words that can be overlooked, underused, overused, underappreciated, taken for total granted, lost, appreciated, held onto tightly.

i could go on & on.

i grew up with a huge family, parents who adored me (mostly), siblings that laughed alot with me, grandparents that literally KNEW i hung the moon, aunts & uncles that were more like 2nd moms and dads, cousins that were as close as my siblings. Really, i could tell you hundreds of stories of my family. i am from KY, moved to Nashville when i was 3, my dad a natural musician and song writer and my mom who just wanted more than the small town could give us. everywhere we lived, there was family around. my grandparents still live in KY & i so enjoy visiting them. i could easily say i have taken family for granted, at least the first part of my life. i honestly have no idea what it would be like to not have a huge loving family around me. supporting my every move, helping me with every small detail. loving me no matter how bad i messed up!

for some, i now know this isnt the case. some are waiting for their forever families to show up and wrap their love around them. Meet Jude, he is waiting no longer.

when this adorable family walked into the studio for their session, the love was abound. you could feel it in the air, you could see it in the smiles and ohhhhh, could you ever see it on Judes face. a vibrant happy one year old boy.

after much trials and many nights of waiting and praying, they got to bring Jude home. i was so blessed to be with them for  a small part of this time.  the whole time they were in the studio everyone was happy, loving and just………well happy to be together.

blood doesnt make a family. names do not make a family. our sweet Savior has made us all one family. we just have to open ourselves to His wishes and listen to those little whispers in our heart.

family is wherever, wherever there is love!

this sweet little outfit belonged to daddy when he was little. Jude now has the same initials and wore it proudly, and pretty handsome-ly i must say 🙂 

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