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I am honored you are here, to keep it simple. I just LOVE people! I love that each family is so different, and in so many ways the same. I love that all babies want to cling to their mamas chest & that all little boys want to hang on daddies neck. I married my high school sweetie and we have two grown awesome children. I remember so many amazing things about their childhood but I am always amazed at what finding a long lost photo conjures up inside of me - the instant flash back to that favorite shirt they had to wear every day and those clickity clackity dress shoes she wore around the house ALLLL the time! Photos are truly all we have left, especially when we lose our loved ones. The small moments sometimes get overlooked, but for me they are the gold nuggets and the ones I cherish daily.

I want to document that for you, the gold nuggets.

If you're looking for the more formal version of who I am… well there really isn't one because I'm as far from formal as they come. Yes, I have won a few awards, I photograph some seriously famous people & some magazines thought enough of my work to show it off a little. Sure that stuff is super fun but really is nowhere near as awesome as my annoying laugh. Now THAT is awesome. :)

My goal is for you to walk away thinking how easy that session was,

how much fun & how much you love your kids

(even though they were crazy) and how much you LOVE me (jk...but not really).

I think we will be great friends and I can't wait to meet you and your little awesome family.

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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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