christmas tree ol christmas tree…..fa la lalalalalalallalafalalall

So finally we went and got our beautiful Frasier Fur tree. I am usually one of the first to get a tree but this year I feel like we are one of the last. We went to our yearly place of Sovine Christmas Tree Lot and found our perfect or not so perfect tree. The first picture is the kids and Aj, he is one of my adopted kids from church and he is there with a big smile waiting to load your tree for you. There is something wonderful about taking the kids out to pick out your tree. The second picture is supposed to be us, the four of us…but as you can (barely) see my teenager son is hiding behind the tree BECAUSE he is way to cool to be having a picture made with HIS FAMILY….OMGOODNESS! So anyway here “we” are after picking out our tree! Arent “we” cute! We have tried to make some traditions in our home, one of those is Molly always puts the first ornament on and for some reason she picks this lil tree that she made years ago. She is quite simply a gift from God and has a heart that makes you stop and just admire her! I love her so. Isnt she just adorable. The other thing is Phoenix has always got on his daddys shoulders and hung the tree topper. So this year we were finished and realized we didnt have one, ours broke last year. So at 9pm we were off to Target! The bw is of the kids is in the car on the way to Target to buy the tree topper. Then you have my 5foot 5 inches 112lb. 13 year old son on his dads shoulders. Ummm…yes my hubby is still so darn handsome and sexy and strong…ummm yumminess. I love you stephen. So after all of that you get “our perfect lil christmas tree”

HOpe you enjoyed our journey. What has yours beeN? What traditions do  you have each year?



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