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hello everyone. i know its been way too long since i was on the blog. as most of you know Nashville was hit with a flood. not just any flood but one of amazing power and no forgiveness of its path. my lil town outside of Nash was one of the worst hit areas. its simply a unreal sight and feeling to go through this. by the grace of God my home was saved and we have minimal damage, others im afraid have lost everything! my family couldnt get home for several days and others were just rescued today. steve and i were literally stranded on the interstate for 8 hours and were rescued by boat on Sunday night. things are just a lil crazy. i could tell you story after story, how complete homes have floated down the “street”, streets that became roaring raging rivers. complete homes. how our most precious lil elementary school that everyone in our community adores was destroyed inside and will take months and months of work to restore and gain its sweet charm again. i could go on to tell you about the stinch that is hanging around of stale water and mold. i could go on and on but instead i will tell you about the wonderful people. the people that are not complaining, not whining. the people that are thankful for the safety of their families. the people that are coming out and spending ALL day digging out wet furniture, ripping up wet floors, tearing down walls and hauling away all of this mess. the people that are bringing in lunches and cold water for everyone. the complete strangers that are stopping and offering any service they can to anyone who needs it. i want to tell you about the pure unselfish love that is pouring out of Nashville right now. God must be so proud! my bones ache, i itch from dust and insulation, its the best soarness one can have. the pain from helping others and making one day just a lil bit better for someone else. i highly recommend it. but i will say there are days, weeks, months of work left to do. we need help! we need support financially. we need prayer. there are thousands of homes completely destroyed and most do not have flood insurance. who would need that when you live NO where close to the river. i will tell you the water was only about 10 feet from our front steps. we live sooooo high up from the river, its just unimaginable! totally unbelievable. but it happened.

i can not say thank you enough to all of you, who have called, emailed and wrote me on facebook. you have offered prayers, smiles and places to stay. thank you thank you! i feel so loved, so touched and so honored that you like me that much 🙂

if you want to help please contact me or Melody Burr at 615.604.2957. we need supplies and bodies. this saturday our favorite lil coffee shop in kingston springs is organizing a volunteer group to go out to homes we know still need help. it will be huge and awesome!! we would love to have you, i promise it will be an amazing way to spend your day. our teens have been hard at work as well and are welcomed if you feel you want to bring them, some childcare will be provided as well.

please call me or melody if you would like to help!

again thank you for everything. i am still working, will be working some this weekend. we have some very exciting things coming up! watch for our announcements in the upcoming newsletters!

blessings and love to you all. lets make Him proud!!

xoxo~ mandy

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