Frankin Street Festival…[franklin childrens photographer]


“oh hello blog”…”what? where Have I been?”…well…”busy bery bery busy”

SOrry for the delay in posting. I know Im terribly behind 🙂 This past weekend was packed full of prom pictures and of course the Franklin Street Festival! WOW. Once again I was blown away, many of you stopped in and said Hellloo. Thank you! I was thrilled to meet many of you that I didnt know, knew only of you from your comments. Which brings me to answer this question, one blogger asked me why her comments are never showing up, wellll i will work on doing better about showing all comments. SORRRRY 🙂

We were packed busy all day Sat and Sun. We received over 500 entries for our giveaway and booked so many new clients that May & June are nearly full! Im just thrilled to meet all of you. The weather was hot but wonderful! Thank you to all of my help as well, you guys are the BESTEST! Here is a quick pic of my set up. Aint it cute? 🙂 The new coffee table books were a huge hit I have a feeling those will be our new best sellers!

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