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to say i adore this lil family would kinda be an understatement, just kinda. i ADORE them!! they are sweet, funny (oh sooo funny), charming,beautiful, kind, loving, loyal, stylish, amazing. REally they are!! Im not just saying that, they really are some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet, so you should def try to meet them!  I was ever so blessed to meet them about two years ago & such a pleasure watching them grow into this perfect family! They just welcomed lil sister into the house of boys and she is a doll!! Im sure she will have a hard time dating as she gets older but we wont get too far ahead of ourselves 🙂

They came into the studio a while back to capture some sweetness since baby sister isnt on the “MJP WALL” ……i love when clients tell me they have “MJP WALLS” 🙂 so of course we couldn’t have that. This first image makes me kinda stop & linger……..i love the tones-mama has the sweetest smile looking at her sweet lil nugget, and well lil nugget just looks like a perfect  rosy lil nugget!  *sigh*

Then there family picture, I personally looove, its just so them, so authentic and lovely. Of course the three babes laying together, kissing on sister………come on…who can look at that and not just go “awwwwwwwwww”  I guarantee you dad is tearing up as we speak…oh yeah he is a softy!!

love you guys..thank you for always trusting me with your most precious lil ones. love & admiration…xoxo mandy

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