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To even write this post is soo hard for me. I first met these two people and they were soo pregnant and I instantly fell in love with them. They had quite a struggle to get pregnant and to stay pregnant. She was having their miracle baby. I was there to capture sweet Grace’s first minutes in this world, (you can see that here – its from our old blog so its loading weird..sorry). What a amazing day to be apart of, she was here, she was perfect and she was their sweet lil Grace.

Fast forward to today. Grace has been a busy girl. As you can see on her shirt…”Ive been Fighting Leukemia”…..I keep wanting to add to it…”What have YOU been doing?”   🙂

When i received the email from Amy about Grace, I just froze. My whole world started spinning and I felt sick. As JUST her photographer, you can only imagine what this has felt like for her parents and family. I cried and for a split second, said Why God?

Im not sure why that is usually our first response to things?

Then I immediatly knew the answer. Why not. Grace and her family are fighters. They know their God, they know His strength and they know His Love. They know His Grace.

I knew if anyone could do this, they could and they would. So i began to pray for many things for sweet Grace. Then being me and not really knowing what else to do…I said…”hey lets take some pictures when she is up to it”

I think I have this warped sense that beautiful portraits can heal things 🙂 But Amy thought it was a great idea and here we are!  As they were pulling up to meet me Grace said to her mom “She is going to be so excited to take my pictures”  Gosh, she is so smart. I was soooo excited, really I just wanted to hug and breathe her in, just a little 🙂 sshhhh

Grace may have cancer but it does not have her. She still has the sweetest smile ever. The cutest lil dumpling legs….oh and the sass. Yep she still has plenty of that. She was real quick to tell me a thing or two. (thank goodness)

If you would like you can read Grace’s whole story here on her Caring Bridge Site. Amy loves to hear from everyone and of course appreciates all prayers!

Our sweet lil nugget still has a big fight in front of her and lots of ups and downs. Please please keep her in your daily prayers. I mean seriously..look at this face…how can you not think about that? 🙂 I love you sweet girl. Thanks for being you!

She is a GREAT singer….she sang lots of songs for me…while mom jumped around behind me making her laugh 🙂 where is the video camera when you need it?

This cracks me up. I started asking her about her dolls. She went on & on telling me each ones names and about their clothes and how many and ..and ..and …and … and … and ….

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