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well. hello there. its very late at night. its actually Mothers Day. i promised to blog this weekend & im pushing it as its actually not the weekend anymore…oops. hope you all had a wonderful weekend, hope you had the chance to snuggle with your mom some & tell her how beautiful & amazing she is. i know i did. my mom is truly my best friend. she is beyond what a great mom should be. i am so honored that God chose her for me and me for her. HE is soo darn smart!!

🙂 a few years ago i met this young lady. she came in for a quick session at Snap. she was soooo excited for her session with me, which is sooo flattering 🙂 she said to me…”my husband says im your stalker but im not, not in a weird way but i do stalk your blog. your amazing and i think we should be best friends” all in one breathe! i knew that moment that i would love her forever and we would be great friends! haha, she probably regrets some of that now…but too late. she said it.

she recently called & wanted a session with her full family, normally i would probably shy away from this type of larger family session but i knew anyone that had the same awesomeness running through their blood as this family, i wanted to meet them and i defiantly wanted to photograph them! well boy was i surprised. 🙂 they were EVEN more fun, more loving & crazier than i had thought. we had a absolute blast playing, laughing and quite honestly just loving each other. YES< MEE TOOO> i real quick like put myself into their family.  who wouldnt?  you will even see me twice in this post, rare i know but you will. one a bit more obvious, a photo that was the result of children wanting to use my camera….i LOVE it and will display it proudly in my office! the other is a lil more incognito…we will see who can find me. The first person to post a comment about where I am in this post will receive a freebie….so leave a comment below if you see me. 🙂    NOT only was the family perfect…oh the day. All i can say is the big man up in the sky was looking down and smiling on Franklin, Tn that day. of course it was all for us, the perfect weather & the most perfect blue sky you have ever seen. i mean seriously look at this sky. AAAMMMMAAAZZZINNNGGG.

all around an amazing small moment of time. one i will forever be grateful i will forever cherish as a photographer. sooo go ahead scroll my new family. they are full of amazing grace, love and pure joy.  i hope you can take some away with you from this post…they have enough to go around.

xoxo. much love   mandy

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