franklin children’s photographer | little shy boy

i photograph alot of families with multiple kiddos. i love capturing the love between siblings, there is something so authentic & captivating about that kind of love. however, i DO love when a mom decides to give just one child their very own session. this lil guy is the baby of 3 boys! mom wanted him to have his own session & i just love that! we all know that sometimes the 2nd or 3rd child gets left out when it comes to photographs….yes its true…i see it alot! i am a 2nd & my older sister has WAYYYYY more pictures than I do. sad really…..because i was pretty darn cute!! But we all still know i was the Favorite! (ssshhh dont tell sister)

okay back to our is our man of the hour, he tried to play shy guy at first but alas he gave in, fell right into my charm and gave me some pretty smiles 🙂 i of course LOVE this first one where he is quiet and you can see that shyness in those eyes. ummmm loooove it!!

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🙂 have a beautiful day! enjoy your friends & family, enjoy the day our Lord has given to us!

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