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as i was getting this post ready i started tearing up. there is something about the bond between a mom and her boy. here at home we just celebrated phoenix’s 16th birthday, its this week. im just scared & amazed that he is this old. how does it happen? how do we hurry through those lil moments and priceless memories, then one day wake up and our babies are pulling out into this crazy world without us? i dont like it. not one bit. i am excited for him but i see lots of praying in my future!

this sweet mama and her shy boy were so great to hang out with. i love their sweet bond, the way he snuggles up against her when he is feeling a lil shy, the way she rubs his head. such a awesome moment in life to capture! i love this session. i love their sweet soft moments together and then i love love the crazy laughing moments as well. 🙂 hope you love them too!

* congrats to melissa a. for winning the $10 starbucks card from our last post!! she spotted me in the pictures the fastest…(like 2 mins after i posted) we had over 35 people enter….you guys are good & my you all entered within like 5 minutes. 🙂 i will do another one soon.

love to you all. hope the world is extra nice to you today.

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