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sadly i am writing this post in the wee hours of the morning. my father Ivan Lee Meece passed away on Monday the 22. He was 63 and was living in Somerset,KY where he was from. I was born there as well. Some of you have heard me speak of him, he is a hippee songwriter. I look just like him, i can thank him for my wide nose, my weird sense of humor, my need to pull pranks and jokes. He was one of the best people i have ever known, now with that said i wont lie and say he was perfect, far from it. He was impossible to live with, hard to love many days of my life. He was just himself, he never tried to be anything different. He passed up many record deals and artists wanting to cut his songs because he was so darn stubborn! But I admire his love for live, his love for all things, he never spoke bad about people hated gossip. He would give you anything you wanted, he hated possessions, he hated government, well all things bossy he hated 🙂 Never did anything traditional, EVER! He used to embarrass me to no ends with his weird self made wardrobe, ha.  He would sing me and my sister to sleep with Sleepy Town, a song he and my mom wrote for us. He also wrote one called Push Me Daddy for us. I will treasure those and the hundreds of other songs he wrote for ever. I have piles of tapes and cds in front of me that Im not sure when I will be able to listen to. But so thankful they are here! We will be leaving town to go back to KY today, the studio has been closed all week and will be until Monday.

I apologize if you are waiting on a response from me, i promise to pull it together soon. Thank you for your patience.

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