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To say I am in love with this little munchkin would kinda be a small understatement  🙂 I have loved her and her family from day one! Usually I have the pleasure of photographing her and her adorable brother but this day…well this day it was just us girls!

Miss Crazy & I had a great little chat while hanging out. She LOVES LOVES her Matilda Jane Clothing so I asked her a few questions about it. See Lots of little ladies around town wear these multi colored, lots of crazy patterns and ever so girly ruffles, so I wanted to know why she LOVES them so much 🙂

ME- Hey, what is your most favorite clothes to wear?

L- all of my Matilda Jane!!

M- Oh, really, do you have one outfit you love the most?

L- Oh YES! My Matilda Jane, all of them!

M-haha, Ok, well that is awesome! Why do you LOVE them so much?


M- OOOhhhh, yes I love the ruffles too! I also like the crazy colors!

L- yes, me too.

M-How do you feel when you wear all of your Matilda Jane clothes?

L- I feel HAPPY! I like to skip around and I like to spin and I love the ruffles!


Well, there you have it folks. She loves the ruffles, she likes to twirl and they make her HAPPY! I think that is an awesome reason!!




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