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Summer is here. It is HOT and humid! A sure sign you are in the south.

I have always wanted to rent a good underwater housing for my camera. These things are like lil tanks, you secure your camera in there & then sink it. Yep, you on purpose put your baby (my camera is kinda my baby) under water. The first few moments you dont breathe really, you just watch and make sure no water is leaking in!  I was pretty nervous the first few times, not gonna lie! That is alot of money to dunk!! 🙂

But I knew it would be so worth it! After much trial and error I was able to capture some awesome images of a few families in their beautiful pools. I loved it, it was challenging and made me work harder, it was so fun to try something new. The kids totally loved it and now think Im even cooler 🙂

So here are a few I can share with you! These sessions may be offered one more week this summer, if you are interested please contact me!

**ON THAT NOTE>>> MJP is closed until July 22!! We are off to the beach to lay around, play with nephews and nieces, read books & play in the ocean! We have a house sitter, the car is packed and I have a few clients there waiting on me! YAY for the beach!!

If you need us please email and be a tad patient as Im not going to be responding every day!

Much love and go enjoy SUMMER!!


(these images are looking super flat on here….but im going to the beach so they will have to do for this week 🙂 , Just know they are awesome!!)


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