franklin childrens photographer | two.

after a few cancellations due to weather, my health and well just life, i finally got to meet up with this beautiful family! we honestly met on the most perfect winter day you could ask for, well it felt like spring, so for me that is perfect! i am a big believer if its not snowing there is absolutely no reason to have body aching cold days! so i was thrilled to hang outdoors with them for the evening. we did a lil bit of urban goodness then ran over to get some beautiful field shots as well. these two were so well behaved and we played, laughed and acted pretty crazy most of the time. mom & dad are amazing and up for anything! i was so blessed to meet them & so blessed to capture this perfectly imperfect but oh so perfect time in their lives. 🙂

i want to take a moment to just say something super fast. to all of the moms out there that are waiting on the PERFECT time to do that portrait, waiting to lose 10 lbs, waiting for those teeth to grow back in, waiting on your schedule to lighten up a little. STOP waiting! where you are right now is perfect, its perfect because its your family and this time of your life deserves to be remembered. life is way too short and we just dont know whats going to happen tomorrow, next week or even today. so i ask you with all of my being, stop waiting. trust me to capture your family perfectly for you.




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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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