Franklin Family photographer | fall is for FAMILY!

Fall is full of families. I would guess seeing so many beautiful families all huddled together and spending an evening devoted to each other and allowing me to witness it all…that may be my MOST favorite part of the Fall Madness!

This year has been no exception to the craziness that falls upon MJP this time of year. I think each year I’m ready & prepared but its kinda like child birth…you forget the bad and do it again…because of course its SO worth it! I am working 12-14 hour days every day trying to capture each client and their beautiful story, then turn the images into beautiful priceless prints in time for Christmas giving and displaying. I am forever grateful and humbled by the ever so full calendar this year.

This beautiful family came to MJP for the first time this year, I know many of their friends and I knew we would be great friends as well. This poor daddy, a house full of insanely beautiful ladies…good thing he is handy with a hockey stick!

Hope everyone is going great, i PROMISE to blog lots more as soon as we can settle in for the winter!




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