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wow. Fall is here, its here and its beautiful! I do believe God is paying us back for the not so great weather we had earlier in the year! It just feels amazing out & the leaves are starting to change. The colors are already breathtaking! I think we all LOVE fall, I do wish it wasn’t so fleeting. Maybe that makes us love it more?

if you have been around MJP in the last 2 years, you have probably seen this pretty face! Jenny, the MJP studio manager! I was so blessed the day this family came for their first session, who knew we would instantly become great friends & eventually co-workers! I love them dearly and am forever grateful for the spirit that surrounds them. Jenny is always smiling, always happy (unless a client wont call her back, then a frown might pop out..but just for a moment) 🙂 she knows how to deal with my crankiness, my clutter & my “DO NOT book me too early in the morning because I am not a happy photographer that early” scheduling issues!! we make a great team!

when she told me she was pregnant with Jake’s baby sister i of course was beyond thrilled!! then i was sad because i knew this would mean some changes around MJP. so selfishly for a moment i went “oh crud” but only one moment..promise! i have loved watching her belly grow and laughing at her many “pregnancy brain” mistakes (umm.ummm.) 🙂

she is radiant. Jake is beyond adorable, his curls make me giddy! hopefully the lil sister will stay comfy until her due date in Dec. 🙂 I REALLY need her mama until then!! 🙂

yes, they really are this adorable!

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