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If you ever get invited over to M&M’s house, I highly suggest you go! You will always be welcomed with a HUGE smile, hug and honestly the most delicious drinks you could imagine. Michael happens to be the best bartender I know, I dont even drink but when Im at their house…well I cant help myself. They are so darn tasty!! So i knew when I arrived for our late afternoon session this would be my first view, these two laughing and cuddling in the kitchen, creating amazing drinks and memories!

They have been together for years, they met in college while in line to drop out of a class 🙂 They have been together ever since. They built an amazing life together and quite honestly one of my most favorite homes…ever!!! I will move in one day! When she asked me to do a session for them I was so honored but honestly a little nervous too, as a friend, I know their love is so strong, so captivating and I knew it had to be captured. I was scared I wouldnt be able to capture it on film, I did not want to do them a dis justice, so I was a tad nervous. (the drink helped that) hahaaa 🙂

Anyway, we had SO much fun. We laughed the entire time and I feel so honored to witness their love, to be apart of it for a small moment and to be able to gift them with some beautiful portraits. I feel pretty good about capturing the love, honestly I think its too strong to not!

honored to be your friend.

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