g is for greeley | nashville children photographer

there is something crazy going on here at MJ Studio~ all of my babes are growing up! I have had four of my Grow With Me babes turn a year. I get so attached to these lil boogers that when I dont get to see them every three months it makes me very very sad!! i think i will have to stalk them all at the local playgrounds 🙂

meet Greeley. he and his wonderful sister Holland have been around me since they were wee lil babes. i kinda love them to pieces!

he is a rolly polly and she has rolly hair

makes sense right? 🙂

really this first image of him, i dare you to not laugh when you look at it. dare you. not possible.

love you guys. thank you for sharing your amazing lil people with me (& my imaginary blog world)

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