Gods grace all wrapped up in one family~[nashville newborn photography]


Do you know those people that you meet and just touch your heart. Meet the amazing family that precious lil Luke and sweet lil Rebecca belong to. I was so excited to do this newborn session as mom had already agreed to “let me do whatever I wanted”…awww…*sigh*..music to a photographers ears! Luke was great and pretty much slept and let me mold him and squish and all of that fun stuff. Miss Rebecca is one of the happiest lil girls I have met, she adores her Luke and is a BIG helper! I spent most of the day on their farm with them and didnt want to leave! They even fed me a yummy healthy salad…ummm. THanks guys! Mommy stays busy running her own business Music with Mommie. Its amazing and God is blessing her with so many new classes. You should defiantly check it out. Maybe I can borrow one of your kids so I can go!! Enjoy this sneak into their world, its a blessed one!

Rebecca has her own “toddler pad” upstairs in their old farm house. She has three rooms all to herself that are just adorable. Here in this lil nook she is having a tea party with her precious loving da da. This image needs to be large and on canvas, its just priceless and makes my heart melt the way he is looking at her as she pours his tea.

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