Going Green!

Hi guys. hope all are well and staying warm on this yucky frigid day! Just a quick post about my studio going green. No I dont mean literally 🙂 I am switching everything to be as Earth friendly as possible. So what that means for you…well really just that all price info will be sent in a PDF format instead of printing. Also, my packaging will be cut down a lil to reduce wasting. If you want to help please return the bags and boxes I deliver your prints in. I can reuse them and that would be awesome or You can reuse them for a gift or something.
It is crazy how much trash our world is going through. I read an article about the amount of water bottles that are filling up the landfills and only like 5% are recycled. That is millions of water bottles a year! So yes we bought a filter and are going to use reusable bottles and try and do our part on that. It does take more work to be GREEN but think about what lil thing you can do to help our Mother Earth that God has trusted us with. Are you taking care of it??

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