Happy Birthday to …ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yES, i AM FINALLY TURNING 26. I know i look great for 26 RIght? HARDY HAR HAR! I can only dream of looking 26 and feeling 26. I would like to know what the heck happens when you hit 30. I was told that things changed but wow did they. Wrinkles, the awful C word (cellulite for you youngsters) and just not being in your twenties anymore. So this year I am 32…….doesnt feel much different YET……..whats your age horror story? PLease share! IF you share your story on my comments you will get a half off session in JUne and the winner of the best story will get a FREE session and a FREE 16×20 print………yeah so start telling it all. 🙂 YOU can email it to me if you would rather!

So today is always special because I was born on my moms birthday so we get to share this day! Which is pretty cool. I love her more than anything so I enjoy always being with her on OUR day! Happy Birthday Mom! We went to eat at Cheesecake Factory the other night and ummmm…cheesecake was yummy!!

We have like 20 birthdays in our family in May. I guess Aug and Sept are busy months for our crew 🙂 Phoenix’s birthday is TOMORROW! Yes, he didnt want to share a day with mom and I so I spent that birthday in labor (getting paid back for my mom) and he was born on the 18th!
More on him tomorrow!

Have a great day and start sharing your “I HATE GETTING OLD STORY” 🙂

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