Its starting to look alot like Christmas…

Yes all around, everything is sparkling and shiny and HAPPY! I do love this time of year because it seems to make even the grumpiest of people a bit happier. I am excited to see all of the decorations going up and listening to the christmas songs. fa la la lalllaaaaaaaaaaaaa…(be glad you cant hear me right now). So just a reminder, the studio will be closing on Sat the 13th. I will not be answering emails (well maybe) and will not return voicemails (most probaly) so if you have ANYTHING else you need PLEASE call me or better yet EMAIL me ASAP! The only thing I will be doing is making sure all orders are fulfilled and shipped out. THEN I will be laying around alot, shopping with my wonderful amazing God send of a husband, watching Christmas Vacation over and over with my kids and simply JUST BEING! I highly recommend it! My goal is to post alot of personal pictures of our events so keep stopping by. I do have a few more work posts so it is not over yet!

I have some beautiful gift certificates that will make someone very happy! If you would like to give one contact me. They start at $300! What a awesome present!

Look at this adorable Santa Baby! Dont you know Gran brought this for him! Grandparents……….gotta love them!

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