just 4 days old and oh so loved..

Well today I officially took Lil H’s newborn images. He is now a whole 4 days old and man I miss him when I am not there 🙁 Mom and Dad are worn out but as you can tell from these images he slept great for Aunt Mandy! hehee

A newborn will bring you closer to God. When you watch one come into the world and look at the amazing lil features on their bodies~ well simply it is amazing. Every inch, every hair and toe just in the right spot. Wow! He just knew exactly what he was doing and how each part has a job and how when we are seperated from our moms we just work…ok sorry for that rambling. I have been shooting since 830am and Im exhausted! sooo anyway I have had many many request to see more of this lil man so here he is………………..now I only took 455 images today, so I will be going back tomorrow………i know a bit over the top!

This is his Mr old man face

Ok STOP reading if you dont want to tear up. Well maybe its just me and Im the one who took these, the next two just make me weep. I guess if you knew how long I have known Aim (since like 6th grade) and how we have always loved each other and been there for each other, if you knew that her wonderful hubby has been waiting (patiently) for Aim to be ready tohave kids (we all wondered when it would be) and if you were there………….if you knew all of that maybe you will weep too!!!!

This would be the “Aunt Mandy its been 3 hours please get that large black object out of my face and just hold me” face….so I did 🙂

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