Life at the university..

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting this adorable lil family. Mom works at a local university so we had our session there. The kids walked around like they owned the place and wanted to talk to all of the students. Quite cute. Now lil man didnt want to talk to anyone except his G Daddy. (grand dad) so we had to work hard to get him to sit or really just to look at us. He is sooo cute and so 2! He loved the big trucks and oh the bugs!

Now this lil lady loves the camera. I have so many great ones of her and beautiful smile, I love it when parents do pictures at this time, it will always show her age. She is so beautiful and was up for most things except the bugs that her brother loved so way she said.
Here we have a quick moment together, the flowers were in full bloom, tulips that smelled wonderful!
So this next one is for all of you photographers and moms that think I just capture the best sides of kids..well I like to capture all sides of kids! This would be at the end of hte session and can we just say “done”…………..I have to admit I love this shot! Hope mom gets a good giggle out of it!
Thank you all for meeting me yesterday, it was great to meet you all and I will be in touch soon!

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