lovely laird~[nashville childrens photographer]


This sweet big chunka~love is Laird. I know right now you are saying “awwww”, yes he is seriously adorable. He is 7 weeks old and a sweet happy roly poly. This first image kinda sums him up, chunky~sweet~soo good~ and kissable lips. He was so good for me and we captured some amazing images for mom and dad. He lives in a beautiful house with mom, dad, a dog and a very nosy cat.!! I was so thrilled to meet them all and honored to capture this amazing time in their lives. I see lots of sessions in our future!!

Thank you guys so much, thank you Heather for the sweet referral of your friends! You guys just dont know how much it means to me when you trust me enough to send all of your friends to me!! I am honored and humbled!

Have a great day everyone. Dont forget this weekend……….Franklin St. Festival!!

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