Meet the H children

I had the great pleasure of meeting up with this great young family on Saturday. Yes, it was a bit cold and yucky but we made the best of it! The poor kiddos were not crazy about the cold grass and such but I bet you cant tell in these images!
Lil A was such a sweetie and dont you just love her tutu! I love it when kids show up in a tutu! She and I quickly became pals and she gave me a beautiful purple flower! THanks A!

This is her handsome brother. Let me tell you if you need to know anything about Star Wars, this is your guy. He quickly got me up to speed on the new things in Star Wars…im a bit behind!
The creek water was so high so we just watched from above.
Thank you guys so much for hangin out in the cold with me! It was great meeting you all!

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