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my world. a amazing photographer in cali Tara Whitney has challenged others to take a family picture once a month then write something about it. something about each person and what is going on right then with your family.then at the end of the year to put it all in a book together! such a fab idea!!  soooo usually i just go yeah what a great idea and then never do it but im reallllly going to try and do this one! i do have one family pic taken in Jan, just not on this computer but i will post it here as well. SO for now here is my babes. When I took this image life was great. we had several days of playing in the beautiful snow, everyone home, no where to run off to, no sports practice, no work, just no obligations. one thing great about living where we do…get snow and everything shuts down. its kinda great! we have awesome neighbors that we get out and play with just enjoy time with each other.things we seem to take for granted! phoenix has his red bull hat on that he adores and wears all of the time, i dont love it. its very bright and i refuse to let him wear it turned the right way because i think he looks like a thug 🙂 he is a freshman and doing conditioning every day for the high school soccer team. i am nervous about the season starting because he is really the only goalie and will be playing ALOT, as his mommy i feel like this is a lot of pressure for him! steve says its good for him, makes him tough! he has no girl friend right now so that is a nice lil break, im enjoying him not wanting to run off every minute of the day! he eats non stop. molly is finishing up basketball. they have one more game then tournys. she is soo good at ball. she becomes this lil beast out on the court, fierce and serious. a red head! in this picture and all of the pictures from the snow her hair is sooo vibrant red! i love it. its so beautiful and it makes me think about our heritage. her great great grandmother gave her that red hair. i love that. kinda jealous 🙂 she takes art every week and paints beautiful images for everyone. she is growing and changing daily. she is obsessed with sonic slushies right now. the sad part of this picture is that the day after we took these her precious lil kitty was killed in a awful accident. she got her in october for her birthday and in those short months EllieMae was a huge part of our family! We all have cried and been sad for the loss. i was so worried about molly and how she would handle this. sad and angry, yes. but so strong and brave. all i could tell her was to “go to God” and being the strong Christian that she is i do believe He is helping her  (all of us) get through it. so even though i dont wnat to see this time in a picture, im afraid that is what i see. but i know this too shall pass and its a part of our lives. Joel Osteen did a sermon and said…its not happening to me but FOR me. God is preparing me for bigger and better, preparing us for His work. amen!  Now even though steve and i arent in this pic i will say a lil about us..for the challenge and all. steve, well he is working hard on the buisness end of my photography. the part i really dont enjoy! he is being the amazing engineer on the fire dept, he of course is taking care of me! that is what he does best, i love him more each and every day. he is growing a mohawk and going to get more tattooes soon! 🙂 love him. together we are going to predators hockey games and hoping for a spot in the playoffs!  now the hard well im in a place of needing great healing. after an amazing fall season of being overworked and so busy i dont even know how i got through. praising Him daily for the abundant work and blessings found in each and every client! it was over and Christmas was here. time to slow down a bit and just enjoy my family. another surgery and now weeks later finally ready to go back to work. i have to admit im lazy now. with the surgery and recovery, then all of this hum drum winter weather im just lazy. if i could stay home every day and wear my comfy sweat pants with the bottoms cut out and one of my many fav hoodies…i would. but i know its time to poke my head out and get back to work! get back to life outside of our lil bubble 🙂 after burying steves sweet grandma this week im missing my grandparents that are in KY. gotta get there asap to visit and hug and soak in their smell and sweetness. so that is me. feeling hopeful for a healthier year and ready for some sunshine!

i hope each of you will take on this challenge. take a moment each month to photograph your family, nothing fancy just a quick snapshot. grab everyone before dinner ask the neighbor to snap a pic, document 2010 as your family really is every day!

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