more????really you want more?

 I have had several requests for more family stuff. Im not sure why, as I think we are pretty boring. But hey whatever you blogstalkers want, Im here to please! 🙂

Ok, first I had to share this “nice” note from Molly Moo. To lead up to this Here is the story….It was the last Saturday of break and her day just wasnt going as she had planned. So very pouty and mad at the world~ this is the note I found.


“Today was the worst day ever!!! First of all I didnt score any points, second I got to work all day when I thought I was going to have fun at U’s house, but guess what that didnt happen, third today is the last day of the Christmas break, and fourth I have to go to bed even when we are on break. Which I thought we got to stay up, but you know I guess you dont think that DO you mom.

The one with the suckish day. Molly

ps..please do not talk to me about it, I want to forget about it.

Hope you had a great day, because I didnt!

Hope you feel better.”


WOW..totally cracks me up. My mom kept all of the notes I wrote her and its sooo funny to read. I made her a book years ago and this is soooo me. HOpe that gave you a good laugh!

Here is Steve and Vegas, I dont know if you have ever met Vegas. She is my third child. She is a pure black pure German Shepard. She looks very scary, well not in this picture. SHe looks like a big doofus. THis is how he picks her up and it cracks me up~ I think she looks like a kangaroo 🙂


Well News Year Eve we went bowling with a few friends. I felt awful but I am soo glad we went. This is Matt & Kimberly, then Matt being the big kid that he is with my boys. Silly big boys.


Sassy girls!!!!!!!!!! MOlly got a cupcake kit, apron, plates, all of the decorating stuff she says it was her fav gift. simple things. istn she cute. she baked all of these with my mil and sil. Im not a good baker 🙂

So just a few more personal things for you to enjoy or laugh at. Not sure which. Im enjoying my time off but miss working as well. I will be back in the studio soon. Im already booking for Spring so email me today to get your date!


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