nashville childrens photographer | a day at the loft

all of these beautiful babes you are about to see came in to see me at the loft for our Fathers Day Mini Sessions. This is a small sampling of our packed day! It was a bit crazy at times but honestly we could not of asked for better kids or parents to spend the day with! Each client got about 15 minutes to show off their cuteness and we captured some amazzzzing shots in that time frame. we also got some adorable ones with the moms and with some of dads favorite things and clothes and fun stuff!! I have to admit I havnt shot sessions like this in a very long time and i LOVED it, just simple, classic and ..well just YOU. I will defiantly be doing this again soon!! So here are just a few pieces of eye candy for you on this gloooomy wednesday! I hope its agreat day for everyone. Tonight is the CMT awards night, now for some of you this means nothing. Honestly im not a HUGe country music fan, but I do love some of it!! And one of my most amazing clients offered me some tickets to go……………….so we are going! I figured i have lived in Nashville since i was 3, i should at least once go hang out with the country stars 🙂

Tune in and see if you spot me 🙂 Ill be the one NOT wearing a designer gown, more like jeans and some cute flip flops 🙂 lol.


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