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do you remember being young? i mean really young when you could spend all day in an imaginary place, with unlimited amounts of imagination? walking into this house is kinda like that. in the backyard these amazing lil ladies have created a magical lil world. a fairy world. they spend their days building lil fairy houses (like the one below), fairy gardens and play lands for them. They bounce around the yard sooo excited to show me what they have created. the sparkle in their eyes was priceless. i was so intrigued. they have a simple beautiful lil life back there. makes me wonder…what happens to us when we get older, the imagination seems to leave us. we forget to use it!!! we forget to leave the outside world of work and bills and errands and more work, we forget to leave all of that behind and just imagine! just play. just enjoy life. i know i need to be more present in my daily life. some nights i lay down and say my prayers and then start to think…did i make anyone happy today? did i enjoy the smell of the rain? did i stop to watch the birds build a new home?  Thank you ladies for inspiring me to make my own fairy world.

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