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Im soooo behind on sharing with you all of the beauty that I have been graced with. So many beautiful faces and souls I have met and watched with the camera. This beautiful lil guy is a new Grow With Us dude. Im so thrilled!! I love our baby rockstars that come in every few months and share that first year with us. Its pretty awesome & humbling and all of that!! He has a beautiful mama and big sister that I adore. We decided to capture their first few days at home together, I love the simplicity of his whole gallery. I know the craze right now with newborn photography is the extreme posing and hats and props and all of that jazz, and its great if you like it! I just prefer a more natural approach and natural interactions. Now dont get me wrong,  I love curling up these lil babes and posing them in baskets and such but I mean, really look at this beautiful capture of him and his sister. Which image do you think will be passed down for generations? The first few weeks really are so fleeting, so priceless. Such a honor to be present.


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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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