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i love people. well nice people. not so much mean,rude stuck up people 🙂 but really i do. i have always loved having alot of friends and being surrounded by people i love. when i started this buisness i honestly had no idea how it would change my life. i have experienced so many amazing moments because of it, i have traveled and met friends from all over. I think the most amazing part of it is the people that God has brought into my life through photography and being apart of their stories.

i first met amanda when she was pregnant with her 2nd baby Will. she has the sweetest smile you will ever see. you just know as soon as she smiles at you that she is a person you will probaly love. 🙂 i have captured their beautiful family for the past few years, at their home, out in hot tall fields, in beautiful Seaside, FL and now I have witnessed the birth of their 3rd baby, Rhodes.

when she asked if i would come to the hospital and capture this amazing day i was honored and thrilled and sooo excited. i have witnessed several births and i have cried every single time and just been in such awe of the miracle of life. bill, her adorable hubby and I kept saying….its crazy..right now there is just 3 of us in the room, soon there will be a baby, another whole person that isnt here right now. I mean really…think about it, its crazy awesome!! Our God blessed us so much when He gave us this ability, this amazing honor to raise one of His children! What trust He has in us.

pretty inspiring.

so here are a few of the sweet, amazingness of Rhodes entering this world. 


and here are a few from his official newborn session. 

to amanda and her sweet family. thank you for sharing this part of yourself with me. thank you for allowing me to love your beautiful children. i am so grateful for your authentic spirit.

blessed. mandy


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