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i feel like im always saying im sorry to you guys. once again im terribly behind in blogging. i know there are alot of you waiting for just a lil sneak glimpse of your images. im soooorrrrryyyyyyyyyyy. at least with the massive flood i have a lil excuse..right? RIGHT? you will forgive me and continue to pretend to love me and my blog, right? 🙂 Gosh, I knew i could count on all of you!

We are still trying to help our neighbors and praying for great relief for everyone effected by this awful flood. Im still so thankful for our home being safe and of course for the safety of our families!! Praise Him!!

OKAY so things at Mandy Johnson Photography are busy and pretty exciting! Our big new announcement will be released next week!!! IM SOOOOO FRIGIN SUPER CRAZY JUMPING UP AND DOWN EXCITED  to show you guys what we have in store for you! Its just quite amazing, well in my humble opinion 🙂 So dont get bored and stay away too long!

We are also sending out our newsletter this weekend and it will have some awesome dates and maybe a special or two on it. SOooo check your emails!

More soon, i promise! Im off to work on some of the many sessions that I am behind on 🙂 sorry. again. glad you love me!

Look at this lil pouting princess…priceless!!

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