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Well for a while I have been stock piling random questions that blog peeps & clients and just random people ask me. Tonight, yes a Friday night, I am home. Kinda bored ( fighting a chronic sinus infection & vertigo) so LETS DO THIS>>>

1. How did you get into photography?

Well…………it wasn’t a life long plan. I actually attended O’more College of Design in Franklin, Tn. I dreamed for years of designing my own clothes, to learn to take what was in my head & put it onto beautiful fabric. I was so blessed & honored to receive a scholarship to O’More, but alas…our plans are never as bold and awesome as Gods. About 6 weeks after starting in college, I found out I was a mommy to be.  I found out about a week later that if i quit school that day they could give my scholarship to another student, but i had to quit that day. SOOO, i did. Now, years later, Molly was entering kindergarten & I realized I was no longer a SAHM, there were no kids at home. So I literally rolled over one night, looked at Steve & said “I’m going to be a photographer”

I had always enjoyed photography, loved the darkroom experience in high school and of course loved capturing every moment of my babies lifes. So I saved and saved and saved to buy my first DSLR, spent hours and hours learning how to use it. Honestly, it took me about a year to feel decent at it, I practiced on flower pots for thousands of shots! 🙂 I never dreamed of how big it could be I just went for it. Lots and lots of struggles and hardwork………..


2. Why do you want dreads so bad?

I have no idea! I have wanted them since I was about 15, I once tried to do it and my mom freaked. I blame her, she should of let me get it out of my system! 🙂 ha.


3. What is your most favorite food?

Ummm….that is hard. I LOVE food, really I’m one of those people that really enjoys eating 🙂 I would have to say…my grandmothers chicken & dumplings, her potato salad, her homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy. My mom makes yummmy potato soup, my mom-in-law makes the yummiest taco soup……..geez i could go on and on.


4. Why do you use Canon over Nikon?

no idea! That is just what I first gravitated to.


5. What is your biggest goal right now?

I would have to say right now in this season of life, it would be a few things. I am working very hard on losing weight and regaining my health! Most of you know for about 4 years I have been sick. Lots of different issues but just sick! I gained about 30lbs, lost a ton of energy & just felt like crud. The old cliche about your health and not appreciating it. Well that is SOO true! I appreciate every moment that I dont feel pain or feel awful. So readers….enjoy and protect your body & health!!

I am working super hard on MJP, fine tuning things, making sure we are providing the best customer service & results for our clients. With that also comes finding the balance of life and work.

My most important goal right now is just BE HAPPY. I want to soak up every second with my teenagers. I want to relish the fact that my man LOVES me more than I will ever deserve. I have amazing friends that I dont see enough and family that makes this southern girl crazy happy!


6. How did you start photographing celebrities?

I have avoided this topic for a while 🙂   Yes, I do photograph some high profilin celebs. I guess my easy answer would be God put them in my life as well as me into theirs. I met “Joan” and she hired me, she loved my work and me. She knew she could trust me with her family & their privacy.  She told her BFF “Julie”…..etc…..etc….although one found me online…which was a insane honor!! Really, they are just moms & dads. Yes they are super famous to us, but when you are in their homes, they are just mom and dad. They love their babies insanely a lot, they have to protect them and keep them happy!  I realized quickly what an honor it was to be allowed, invited into their lil worlds. To see very intimate moments with their families. What a huge honor and responsibility,  I will never take that lightly with any of my clients.


7. Favorite sports team?

easy… the Nashville Predators hockey team. I have never loved watching sports on TV. I am from Kentucky so of course KY basketball runs deep in my blood but I was the fan that just showed up to watch the finals 🙂 Then we started going to the Preds games. I was hooked instantly! Then I was lucky and blessed enough to start photographing some of the players & their families, I fell in love with them all. I love that its something our whole family loves to watch and go to. With two teens, that isn’t the easiest thing to find!


8. Greatest thing you ever did for your business?

another hard one………how about i list 3.

1. move into our downtown Franklin studio. (its a dream really… don’t wake me)

2. hire a studio manager

3. hire a professional designer to re brand us plus design our goods. Here she is….totally contact her if you need some pretties!


9. Where do you shop?

This one makes me laugh…because I’m such a hobo most of the time 🙂 I grew up buying most things from a thrift store with a few brands in there. I cant explain the high from finding that awesome find at a yard sale 🙂 haha. BUT…i will admit my friends are turning me into a real shopper!   I would have to say these are my favorites..


Free People

TJ Maxx

my most recent favorite shopping is at home..

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10. What is your favorite type of session to photograph?

Ready for some sappy stuff? The most honest way I can answer this is….I love them all! I think the most rewarding part of my career is meeting and witnessing the love between people. Our world can be a ugly place, there is negativity everywhere, so when you go to work and get to physically see LOVE between people its pretty awesome. One client once told me that when her family is with me they are relaxed and free just to be them. That is the most awesome compliment ever. It is hard to just relax & let your true self shine. I love looking at adorable kids and seeing all of their 8 personalities in about 1 minute!! And as a photographer knowing you are catching all of these moments for those people, moments they can cherish FOREVER. Well its pretty darn humbling and so exciting. So i guess if there are people and there is Love around…well Im happy!


OK…wow that is alot about me. 🙂 I will answer more, if you have one I havnt responded to please let me know!



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