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i am a true southern girl. i was born in a teeny town in Kentucky, moved to Nashville when i was only 3 & have been here since. i love everything about the south, the food, the seasons, the beautiful land and of course mostly the people and the traditions they have formed. really there isnt anything better than a strong family bond, family with history, history they are rich in and are proud to keep intact. i looove traditions. i love that my teenager looooves traditions, each year at the holidays if we try to change the way we do something, he is the first to say “no, that isnt our tradition”  🙂  the best thing about traditions, each family has different ones. ones that are important to them but noone else. isnt that so cool?

what are your favorite traditions? i think my favorite are….at Christmas each year we set boobie traps so that our kids wont sneak into the living room to see what Santa has left before we are up. still as teenagers they laugh and ask what our trap will be this year….one year i put about 200 wadded up plastic grocery bags in the hallway, there was no way for them to get through them without waking me up!!  🙂 one year we hung sheets over the entry to the living room and put furniture in front of it….i could go on and on.  i love that each year my 3 sisters & my parents, we all go with ALL of our kids to the beach, we stay in one house and i love it. its tradition. our newest tradition, my hubby and i will spend our birthdays, just the two of us, we get a nice hotel room somewhere around town, we then spend the whole day exploring our own city. seeing places, shopping in places we have never been, its so fun. we take a bunch of silly pictures at each stop. crazy stupid love, i guess 🙂  anyway, i could go on and on.

these four boys, all cousins,  live in Atlanta, they visit here a few times a year to see their grandparents. they leave the city and come home to acres and acres of beautiful land to explore and play. i can just imagine the traditions they have started here and will continue for years. i love this family dearly. i have been lucky enough to be around since the first lil boy was born and feel very honored to be invited into their traditions and family time.  i so love these images. to me they are timeless and capture so much about this land and the family they are apart of.  i now can imagine the four of them years and years from now viewing these and saying..remember when….

pretty awesome.

xoxo- mandy

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