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i was just thrilled with this sweet family called and told me they are expecting a lil baby girl. i have had the great pleasure of photographing their two adorable boys and cant wait to meet their sister! we wanted a session to capture her sweet (tiny) mommy belly and to show how the family is now, before sister arrives. I think we were successful! Mom of course is beautiful and looks amazing and tiny! SO that part was super easy, the boys were fun and sweet so that part was easy too! Hey, great day for me! 🙂  This middle picture is very dark and grainy, but i LOOOOVE it soooo much! I had just finished photographing the whole family on the bed, the boys were restless and over it, so I told them to hop down and go play for a few. SO im capturing a few of mom and dad alone on the bed and Dont you know it! Look who wants to be in the mix, the boys! Now that is true life photography 🙂 Gotta love those sweet faces!

Then you get to the bottom images. well I think they speak for themselves! All in all we captured some beautiful portraits of mom and her boys, just waiting on lil sister!

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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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