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i promised myself i would not get this behind on the blog. but alas. i did. we have had a very busy few weeks & i have been so honored to hang out with soo many amazing people! one area of photography i am becoming more passionate about is tweens. i feel this is a age where alot of parents stop having custom portraits done & just buy the school pictures. but i feel this is such an important stage for kids, they are changing so much and going through so much! besides that the parents need a beautiful way to remember this stage, i feel the kids need the confidence boost. having a portrait session is a great way to boost a young teens confidence. we have alot of fun, they get to express themselves in a different way, the end result is beautiful meaningful images!

this lil lady is 13. i know she looks way older & is beyond her years in beauty! we had so much fun playing in the field and chatting it up. she is a makeup expert. she already knows she wants to be a make up artist when she grows up. i think that is awesome!!! she defiantly could teach me a few things…can you say no makeup expert here! 🙂 i love that she has a puppy with her and i loove her style.

thanks sweet girl for hanging with me for a few!! you are beautiful. you are special. you are exactly the way He planned you to be.

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