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Hello sweet friends, Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s the middle of January 2016 already! We had such an amazing year in 2015. Everyone just kept pouring love into us, trusting us with your family and memories. What an amazing gift you gift me, I am truly humbled and proud to be your photographer and friend.

As we make plans for 2016 we are super excited to offer some fun new events, bring back the ones you love, and hopefully come up with something new and awesome to surprise you with! We already have a new event planned for February 6th, our first WINTER WONDERLAND EVENT, think…. cozy bedding, all white.. lots of cuddles and laughs! Super easy, fun and beautiful!! You should come join us for that! We also just announced the dates for the Ballerina sessions, always one of my personal favorites! I love how this has become such a tradition for some families as they watch their little girl grow each year and create albums and wall pieces to showcase her beauty. AHHH, so lovely. Can’t wait for that!! Don’t worry lots more to be announced !

There are some changes we are embracing as we plan. My schedule will be reduced to 3-4 days a week or less. You will still receive the  service you have come to expect from us, and all clients will be taken care of with love and laughter! Just know, working days are limited as well as sessions dates. Please schedule now if you are planning on coming in the next few months.

Why are we cutting back you ask ? Well first lets talk about my grandfather. My sweet PopPaw. He is 85 years young, he lives about 4 hours away in Kentucky, where I was born. He is kind of my everything, I have adored this man my whole life. I have followed him around the woods, the bee yard and his garage since I can remember. In high school I would visit my grandparents and steal his white V-neck tees because they were perfectly worn and felt like him. Up until recently he has had more energy than anyone I know, he can and will accomplish anything he sets his mind to and physically surprises us daily! A huge garden, bees and outdoor projects are what keep him busy and active, the only time he sits is to watch KY basketball games and to eat some yummy food made by my sweet Mommaw Sue. They were married when she was only 14 & him 19 (i believe) so yes a very long time ago ! Their love story inspired me when I was young and I just always knew that was what I wanted for myself. Little did I know I would end up with almost the same love story (just not married at 14) 🙂

We recently found out he has Stage IV cancer, the really ugly kind that nothing can help and will take his life. We were told 3-6 months. Of course we know its all in God’s timing, not ours or the doctors, but we are going to soak up every minute we can. I wish more than anything they were a bit closer but I will be making the trip several times a month to spend as much time with him as I can. My grandmother needs me to help her and I just know in my whole being I need to be there.

So… you know when you have things all planned out and its like God kinda laughs at you……. well, that happened last week. I received a phone call I had honestly believed I would never get. Pappy (my step-dad… but just my dad) had gone in for his cancer check up, just like he had many times before. We would usually get a text from mom saying “all is good.” Last week I waited and waited… no text. Then the phone rang, Pappy calling to tell me his Leukemia is back. I thought my insides would shatter. WHAT? HOW? Didn’t God know we could not handle both of these at the same time. Didn’t he know my poor sweet mother just couldn’t do both. How does one go thru knowing her father only has a few months left, and take care of her husband while he fights for his life again. There really are no words. Pappy has been around since I was about 8 years old, he has always loved me like my own father, and loves my children like his own because well we are his. Hearts don’t really care if your blood is the same, they just know LOVE. Pappy has always just loved us, no matter. He is the MOST stubborn crazy man I know and will fight this again and will win again. Needless to say… our lives have been upended. My mother is my one of my main concerns now, making sure she is OK and has whatever she needs to get through this so she can do what she needs for both of her favorite men.

As Im typing and crying I realize this has really gone on longer than I intended….. I just needed everyone to know. All of my sweet clients who I adore, who love me and pray for me. I will take all the prayers you can muster right now! But know this…. life does go on and so will my business. Did I tell you we are also in the middle of buying a new little farm to build our dream farm house? YEP… it will be a place of love, light and beauty and grace. So this future farm girl has to keep on working 🙂

So……… to help make all of this work for everyone, we have created some new packages for sessions and will be sharing those soon.

I’m asking those of you that are wanting a session within the next 3 months please go ahead and give us a call NOW so we can talk, dream and create a perfect time for you!! I’m super excited about some new locations I have scouted as well!! YAY for pretty places! Your babies make me SO happy and I can’t wait to love on them!!

Much love to you all. Cant wait to see you!



…. a few months ago I made my grandparents get dressed up and let me take their pictures. I have never been more happy to be a photographer. I will cherish these forever.


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