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Some of you know this past October I lost my father, he passed away suddenly. Losing a parent was the rawest emotion I had ever felt. It is a pain that you really do not know exists until you are faced with it. Knowing God makes the pain bearable, some good days & some days of many tears, regrets & questions. I am forever thankful for the good that daddy taught me, he was the realest person I know, he drove all of us crazy but if you knew him you probably loved him and shared many late night laughs with him.

I have always been very close to my grandparents, they live in KY about 4 hours away, I used to spend my summers there and cherish every memory I have. I don’t get to see them nearly enough, it makes my heart ache.  When they were coming this past Thanksgiving I knew that this was my time. See, I have always wanted great portraits of me & them. I have lots of just them and with other family members but not with me. Losing dad taught me, don’t wait til tomorrow, do it today!!  SOO… knowing my poppaw would fight me for sure, I just didn’t tell them. My dear friend Melanie Mclellan, a fabulous wedding photographer here in Nashville, came over to my moms house to capture this amazing time for me. I told them literally as she was pulling in the driveway so there was no way for him to back out! These beautiful back lit portraits mean the absolute world to me.

I am forever grateful for her talent and her gift to me, I have always appreciated the art of photography, the priceless moments captured forever and then shared with future generations. To have these for myself, of my precious grandparents that I adore to the moon & back, well its a grace that I cant express.

I hope & pray that this is what I can give to you my clients, the priceless gift of capturing moments, remembering those relationships and those incredible feelings you have when your together.  I pray you have those tender thoughts when you see the portraits from our sessions. What an incredible gift.

I’m leaving in just a few hours to see these precious two. I cant wait.

Much love and blessings.




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