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My baby girl. Molly Moo is now 15, a freshman in high school. Not sure where the last 15 years have gone… but here we are. Our little girl that ran around with dress up shoes, a purse and pretty much that was all is now in high school. We are almost done with the year and she will be a sophomore….. like really????? Do you realize that I was her exact age when Steve and I started dating…. um yeah take that one to the gut!  I know all of you out there with little toddlers that are just begging for a break and can’t wait till they are older… i get that i remember that… but that old cheesy cliche about OHHH THEY GROW SOOO FAST… ENJOY THEM NOW…. Yep that is so true!

Molly and Andrew looked stunning, slightly wedding-ish which didn’t help the situation 🙂 but really stunning. We met her friends at Centennial Park for some picture time, which was great because we were able to run over to the cancer center and see Pappy too. He was thrilled to be able to see Molly all dressed up… I don’t think he cared too much about Andy.. he isn’t fond of her having a boyfriend just yet!  🙂

Happy Friday everyone.




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