If you are like me you work all year waiting for your summer vacation. We spend one week a year usually in Seaside Fl with 20 of my family members. This year we are in Ft. Morgan Al. Its alot different than Fl. but just as peaceful sitting on the beach watching the kids play in the waves and build sand castles. I usually sit in a beach chair and Steve plays with the kids in the ocean, as I do not swim “with critters” 🙂 I prefer a concrete pond!
Here are a few images to get you in a beachy state of mind!

This is the top of Fort Morgan. It is a fort from the World War and its quite cool. Its amazing to think about the soldiers and how they lived!
Since my dad was little they were told of pirates and buried treasures so we always bury some goodies for them to discover. The older kids actually have a hunt with clues to find their treasure. Here are the lil ones digging their treasure. They each had buckets with their names on them and they were excited that the pirates knew their names. So fun!!

My two surfers!!

A quick session with my rowdy nephew!

Hope you guys are all doing well and I will be back to work soon!

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