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i believe life is too fast.

the most precious moments of our lives, are just that, moments.
they are powerful, overflowing and important moments.
i want to try and help you always remember this moment, right now.
i also believe that for most of us, things are never just perfect.
why do we wait for that perfect moment, when it is here. now.

life is fleeting, i want to help you remember.

sessions with Mandy are pretty fun. we like to be super casual around MJP.

Mandy will most likely be in jeans, laughing and ready to fall in love with your kiddos.
we hope you will be ok with that.

before your session, we will meet in the studio to go over all of the great details.
like clothing options, location options and just in general what you would like to achieve with this time together.
Mandy will help you every step of the way.
while your at the studio we will talk over all of the beautiful choices we offer for your final portraits.
the walls are glowing with canvas wraps, framed pieces and our custom groupings.
we hope you will love it.

after your session is all done, you can really sit back and relax.
we will contact you soon to schedule your ordering time.
here is where the magic all comes together.
Mandy will help you decide on your favorites and how to display them in your sweet home.
it might seem overwhelming but that is why you are choosing us.
let us do the work for you.
we love it.

our dream is to tell your story.
your story matters. pictures matter.
pictures tell your story perfectly.

we will let them talk for us.

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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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