Snap Kids…and me…bringing you something great!

Good Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter! The Johnsons were busy all day and came home with a loot of candy! I am on a major no sugar kick with my kids right now so Im trying to figure out how to get rid of it all 🙂 any tips? without looking like the evil mom? But we had a great day at church and with all of our family. There is alot of them!! We are both lucky to come from large families and when they get together, wow its alot! Great food and lots of laughs!!

Ok to the point of this entry…have you been to the new shopping center in Green Hills? Right with Whole Foods? Well its great and full of unique stores. One of them being Snap Kids! They are a modern boutique store for children. Very very cool stuff! Of course their clothes are perfect for portraits! So anyway we are teaming up and offering in store sessions for our clients. I will have more info soon but we are thinking April 19th, the fee will be $175 for up to 4 people and will include a 11×14 wall print. Yes~ a great deal! You will have to go through the store to pay and book your session. Go by there and check it out, they will have samples of what we are offering and I will post some when I get them. There might also be some discounts for in store that day as welll………………………i will let you know.

see ya soon!

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