hello everyone. i can only say im so sorry for being gone for sooo long! here at MJSTUDIO things are a wee bit nuts!! this time of year is always busy but this year has just been a weeeeee more crazy! the rain as pushed alot of sessions later and later plus we have had alot of reschedules due to illness. we are printing beautiful prints, canvases and so many awesome christmas cards! this week we sent out over 20 orders all packaged and purty!! my goal is still to close the studio around dec.13th so until then we will be busy lil bees. we had a blast at the franklin pumpkinfest, met a ton of new clients and captured some amazing lil costumed babes, thanks to all of you who stopped by to see us!! i am afraid in all of this there is a lil bit of bad news……we cant fit anymore sessions into 2009, i have squeezed people in to any lil corner i could and there just is no more space. i hate hate hate turning away clients and just feel awful when they sound so disappointed, today i had to turn down over 8 sooo sorry! the other bad news is…i will not be able to do the christmas special on dec. 3rd that i was soo hoping to do. With things being so pushed back there just is no way i could get them all done before christmas. i do plan on doing some sort of special..just not sure when, but i will!! so please accept my apologies as i know several of you were excited about that. i will make it up to you. promise.

i will update as soon as i can. back to work. love to you all~

here is one of the beautiful high school seniors i had the pleasure of working with!

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