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I know I know I have said it sooo many times but newborns just get me all worked up and emotionial. I mean seriously how can anyone look at this precious lil baby boy and not Thank God over and over again for this miracle of Life He has given us. When I am working with these lil amazing scrumptious babes I just melt and want to stop the world and just hold them…forever. This lil angel boy was soo good and has the lightest lil skin, sweet blondish-light brown-reddish lil hair that just sticks straight up and you just cant help yourself from running your fingers through it and making a mohawk!! Gotta love it! I know you all may be sick of babes inside my old egg basket that I have had for years, alot of you photogs keep asking me where I got it and I think it came from an antique store but honestly now im thinking my grandfather gave it to me….ummm MOM, help me out here. ?? Anyway if your looking for one check the local antique stores! I just cant help myself, I have stuck as many ages in it as possible, its just soo cute!! He hangs over it quite well I must say!!

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