Whats important…and a thank you!

As Christmas fast approaches it leads me to think…about things. You know those moments when you must slow down and stare at nothing and Just think. Well tonight I had one of those moments. I was feeling pretty crotchety ( is that a real word?) and trying to clean house well my kids were not helping and i got mad. So then I just kinda ignore them and go about my biz..well then i think…those are your blessings and your missing a moment with them. So i stop and just visit with them. He shows me his “new” beat on his drums and she rambles on about something with her music and phone. So then i feel better and go finish cleaning. Arent those the moments that we are supposed to cherish? My poppaw was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. Any one that knows me knows that my poppaw is my pal. I just cant get enough of him when we are tog. they live in KY and I dont get there enough and their trips are getting less and less. This was quite earth shattering news for me. Arent they going to live forever?? So I pray for God to heal him like only He can. Its way too early to make him an angel and Im just not darn ready to give him up. So then I think some more…are those moments there to make you realize how many things you take for granted and how many things we just look over everyday. Maybe God is telling me something. Wake up..so I will. I will appreciate my family much more this Christmas and I cant wait to get my arms around my poppaw and smell that pine rustic smell of his. To see him in his jeans and white t. To walk to the garden and him point out everything he has done and every animal track. His life is so simple and he does not ignore the lil things. So that leads me to the lil things. After being so sick lately I am still in a funk. Tonight as the love of my life is doing his firefighting gig I sit here thinking about all of hte lil things he has done for me. He has taken care of me like a mad man. He has had to do alot more than I would ever ask of him. He has loved me and supported me and just made me laugh when I needed it. He has a sick sense of humor but it is funny! I feel closer to him bc of the sickness..again a time to make you stop and wonder. He will never read this but honey ~ thank you. I love you more than you will ever know and I thank GOd everyday for bringing you home to me. You are my life and soul.

SO i guess this year we all need to just stop……..breath………and enjoy the lil things and watch as they become the bigger things in life.

I hope some of this made sense to someone. I know im rambling..but I just needed to say it.
can you guess who is in the picture above?? This was taken in Oct. before we knew about the cancer. this is his true essence~ his life at a most simplest moment that Thank God I captured!!

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